LAYOUT: Thanks to others, now it's pretty!

  • May. 2nd, 2009 at 4:10 PM
lily_lovely: Adelle has a pretty face, didn't you know? (adelle)
It's pretty now! It's pretty now! Yay!

Thanks to [personal profile] snowpuppies, who directed me to this tutorial at [ profile] thefulcrum on turning Mixit layouts into DW layouts. It's very easy, even for someone as technologically challenged as me, and only requires some copy and pasting steps, and some clicky. But it's all helpfully explained and screenshot-ed.

I highly recommend it to people who want a pretty DW layout but don't want to wait for ones to be made. You can even choose from the Mixit styles over at thefulcrum!

Now it looks pretty! And the links list isn't all over the bottom someplace! I'm rather excited, in case you can't tell!!!!! XD

& btw, anyone know how to link to LJ users/comms on here? I tried the LJ user = thing you do on LJ, but that just gives you a DW user. *pout* Got it! Thanks, Snowy!


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