RECAP: "Omega" 1x12 (Dollhouse)

  • May. 9th, 2009 at 3:39 PM
lily_lovely: Claire is explaining how completely wrong you are (claire)


~I have to say, after the whole "Whiskey" thing of last episode, I was expecting Claire to be a doll. And I was kind of like, "Is this the only hat trick they got?"

But it was actually majorly more interesting than that - it wasn't used for the LOL SURPRISE factor, it was just part of her character.

I thought it was SO interesting how she actually got her scars before the composite attack. And then right afterwards the previous Dr. Saunders got all slashed/possibly killed, so they were like, "Hey! Broken Doll can be doctor instead of Atticfied!"

And Amy did great as a Doll, methinks.

~I actually loved so much that Claire did - projecting and telling Victor he was ugly was so heartbreakingly painful. And how she reacted after learning she was a Doll was great.

~The flashbacks were so telling and so crazy-ass amazing. AAAGH.

~I love how Alpha acted - all crazy and talking to himself. And I found it REALLY interesting how Echo reacted differently to the multiple imprints.

~I thought this episode addressed really well something that [personal profile] deird1 had mentioned - how Caroline and Echo *are* different people, and putting Caroline back into Echo is basically killing Echo. Well - it addressed it, but at the same time, not really, because the moral was still to put the girl back where she belongs, and that Echo isn't a person. I'm not quite sure where they were going with that, but it WAS interesting.

~I LOVED the montage-y bit at the end - it wrapped things up but left things open, like the entire episode.

~Topher was SO ADORABLE - he was funny, and then at the end, so confused and sad. I don't see how people can hate him after that.

~It also did more of the complex morally gray stuff, which I loved.

~Paul catching the imprint and 'saving' Caroline was adorable, if I may use that word again. And I love that he saved November - I so thought it was going to be Echo, but then they'd wrangle to keep her cause she's kind of the star.

~It made me kind of sad that November and Sierra got all dressed up to do shit, and then never did anything. I would have liked to see them on the scene. But Sierra hitting on Paul was so cute and hilarious.

~Echo's ditzy imprint was kind of hilarious.

Basically? This episode completely BLEW MY MIND. It was all I could have hoped for, but so not what I expected. The acting was phenomenal, the writing/plot was mindbreakingly astounding. It makes me want so badly for there to be more seasons.

But at the same time, I'll be okay if there aren't. No, I'm not a bad fan; I really really want there to be more. But if the chips fall how they may and it doesn't work out, this episode left it in a good spot, you know?

Okay. Actually, I'm just trying to make myself feel better. I WANT MORE DAMMIT THIS PLOT IS NOT DONE.

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