RL & Lurkers

  • May. 20th, 2009 at 1:24 PM
lily_lovely: Topher is shocked that you don't like his sweater vest (topher)
In RL news, [personal profile] deird1 is a rotten buttface who gave me a cold.

What, you say? It's not possible to spread germs from Australia to the States through the Internet? LIES, I TELL YOU.

Anyways, I feel like shit. I'm kinda dizzy, and my head hurts, and my throat's sore, and when I talk I sound like I ate a pound of gravel and then vomited it back up. And my nose is all stuffed up, which leads to coughing and earaches and phlegm going down my throat.

So, yeah. Not the best of times.


It does mean I get to sit around on the Internet for long periods of time. That's kind of a win.

And in COMPLETELY UNRELATED NEWS, [personal profile] kitty_poker has suggested the wonderful idea of a Lurkers Day!

This means that anyone who lurks about can feel free to stop by and say hi - in case the reason you lurk is cause you're shy, or you don't feel like you have anything important to say.

And if you're not a lurker, I encourage you to do something similar on your journal - it seems like great fun to me.