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So I've made it over to Dreamwidth! Wanna hear how, in my inaugural DW post, which also serves as my test post for the LJ crosspost feature????

Well, then...

What's happened, then?


1) imported most of my journal - comments, entries, and tags. All of the comments from LJ users register as being from OpenID users, and don't have icons, but I don't particularly care - the information is there.

2) not imported my userpics. I'm using a set of Dollhouse character ones. Since I only have 6 icons, I figure it's a lost cause trying to match the icon to the content, and I might as well just rotate in and out pretty ones I like. I'm not going to go back and put different icons for all of my old entires; TBH, I briefly considered it, but I'm more lazy than I am neurotic.

3) changed all my links. So if you click on a link in my masterlists, it will take you to the DW entry for the fic, not the LJ entry.

4) copy-and-pasted my LJ bio and interests into here. I'm happy that all the HTML worked.

5) made a links list for my fandom shit - it's at the bottom of the page.

6) chosen a layout. I don't much like it, really; it's a fill-in till more start being made.

Exciting, no?

For someone who was a total grouch about the DW switch, I'm really rather happy with DW. It looks like it will have some really nice features. Already, I'm very, VERY happy that the name for each post is the name of the post, THEN the journal name - much more convenient for telling what something is in your bookmarks.

It will be a little crazy for awhile - not really knowing what's going on in terms of DW's features and bugs, and also just in terms of where I'm going to stay. I'm probably not going to be updating my masterlists on LJ, for instance; I don't want to have to do it in two places.

But at the same time, DW doesn't have enough features to be completely switched-over-to yet; and by features I mean good layouts, good comms, all my friends, etc. I'll probably end up keeping my LJ so I can make sure to be available to and keep up with people who aren't switching. Certainly for now, since all the awards and challenges and such are still over there.

I wonder if all or any of the LJ comms will be moving over here. It would be rather awkward to do the whole one-foot-on-each-side thing forever, but I will if it means having everything I want.

What do you think? How are you going to balance DW and LJ? I'd be interested to know if everyone's as confused as I am.


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