RECAP: 1x11, "Briar Rose" (Dollhouse)

  • May. 2nd, 2009 at 3:00 PM
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I know, I know. What is this recap-posting Lily is doing?

I haven't posted one since Man on the Street. I've never had time to do it right after I watch, and then I'd get too lazy to do it the next day. BUT I think this episode was the best yet, full of crazy-ass surprises and general awesome-ness.

Spoilers through "Briar Rose", but none for the promo.

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Here's my thoughts, in no particular coherence or order:

1) I think Mellie was a bit too histrionic - it felt awkward and weird. I'm not sure if she was supposed to seem fake or not, and it just felt off.

2) Paul was at his creepiest - which I loved. This ep really dug into how disturbing he really is, I think; only wanting to save Caroline and not caring about anyone else, how he was convinced that Dolls were just brainwashed and that he could snap her out of it, his absolute and disturbing vehemence about going through with it, his "IT'S WRONG" stance, the looks on his face when he was fighting Boyd, the look on his face when he thinks he's going to save Caroline.

It all made things even more morally gray; as in, who's really right here, is Paul the good guy or not? I love how everyone's pretty much on the same level - no one gets to be heroic or demonic, there are no winners or losers, none of that crap.

3) I thought the Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty parallel was absolutely wonderful. They could have gone more subtle with it in places, but that was just a minor thing. It emphasized through the whole fairy-tale-moral-absolute thing just how fucked up the sitch was, especially Paul, and it was tied-in in lots of nice places, like with Alpha and the girl (Susan). It also gave the ep just this really nice aesthetic feel - I can't describe it, but I loved it.

And am I the only one who noticed that Susan's position at the beginning of on of the scenes looked EXACTLY like Caroline in one of her talk-to-Adelle-signing-up-shots? With the head down and in her hand and looking at the table and the hair kind of in her face?

4) The engagement with the little girl was absolutely ADORABLE. I actually almost started crying the second time I watched, when Echo was saying the stuff about being a victim and all. It was all very inspiring and cute and nice. And I thought it raised some VERY interesting points about consent with the Dolls; if the message is that it's not Susan's fault for being raped (which is OBVS true in that sitch), then applying the message to the Dolls...does that mean it's not their fault for anything they do when they're at the Dollhouse and not sentient, even though they signed up for it?

It also raised a question in my mind - how would you feel about having your body used, with your knowledge, for humanitarian/"good" purposes like this particular engagement, if you were certain it would only be for those purposes? Would you let them do it so you could forget and so you could help others, or would it still be a violation of your body? I'm personally not sure, but I think it's an interesting question. I love how much this ep made me think, really.

5) Alan Tudyk? Is the bomb. I've only seen him as Walsh, and he totally broke out of that mold for me as pothead/evil genius. I love how he switched so convincingly between them, and how he totally convinced me with his pothead act that he wasn't Alpha. I'd heard rumor that he was, but I was so drawn into his performance that I just assumed it was another casting switch, and I was legitimately surprised when Claire called him Alpha.

As the pothead, he was pretty much adorable. I loved his whole 'carrot plantation' thing, the way he talked, his interactions with Paul.

And am I the only one who immediately thought 'buttsex' when he was in that awkward position when he fell into Paul's arms? slash goggles are permanently on, no joke. Like when Paul brought the Active over and asked him to take off his clothes, instead of thinking that he was going to use them as a disguise, my immediate thought was, "WAIT WHY IS PAUL RAPING THIS ACTIVE WTF." XD

As Alpha, he was absolutely CREEPY and wonderful. I'm so excited for what's going to happen with him in the next ep, it's not even funny.

6) Claire and Victor both gave adorable and "I want to hug you!" performances with the scared-of-Alpha stuff.

7) Sierra was SO SEXY in her suit thing, and being all smart. Rawr. I am possibly even more in love with her than with Eliza. Cause, damn. THAT GIRL IS FINE. :P

8) The Boyd and Ballard fight scene was so intense. Damn, I loved it.

9) Echo's whole remembering thing was nice. I liked that, yupyup.

10) Victor being Laurence, Adelle being Adelle.

11) Oh! How could I forget? Topher and Ivy's scene totally made me ship them, or at least unrequited Ivy love for him. It also humanized him even more for me - I don't see how people could possibly hate him after this ep, with that and his upsettedness at returned-from-the-Attic!Laurence.

12) The suspense. I CANNOT WAIT for the next ep. I am sooo effing excited, no lie.

Which is why I ask you to please not spoil it for me, kay? Thanks.

Some maybe better news?

  • Apr. 9th, 2009 at 8:34 PM
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So according to this article, the deal is that FOX was never planning on airing the 13th episode of Dollhouse.

'Omega', the 12th episode, acts as a season finale and wraps up the Alpha story line. When FOX ordered 13 episodes, they did it by counting 'Echo', the unaired original first episode, as one of the 13, even though they didn't use it.

So basically, this doesn't mean that FOX randomly pulled the 13th episode and is planning on canceling the show. Obviously they still might, but this isn't a doomsday sign.

This sort of makes me feel better, but at the same time, way more pissed at FOX. I don't understand why they would complete and film and episode - and plan to put it on the DVD! - and then decide not to air it at all. FOX needs to get its shit together and actually be clear about what they're doing with this show, and what's happening with this episode, and then maybe people wouldn't be pissed at them all the time.


  • Apr. 9th, 2009 at 3:32 PM
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So Felicia Day has apparently Twittered (here) that the thirteenth episode of Dollhouse isn't going to air, just be on the DVD.

And this makes me sad on many levels. One, just that I won't get to see it live and will have to wait for the DVD. And two, even though I've totally been one of the "shut up about the FOX curse and just chill" people, this seems like a major show of lack of confidence on FOX's part about the show.

I REALLY don't want it to get canceled.

You can send angry emails/calls/Twitters if you want; Dollverse has the contact information.
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This actually isn't terribly fandom-related, and probably not that interesting, but if you want to know a little about my RL friends, here's your chance.

Onward, my stalkers )

RECAP: 1x01, "Ghost" (Dollhouse)

  • Feb. 14th, 2009 at 4:16 PM
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Okay, so this is actually less of a recap and more of a random spouting of opinions, based on what little I can actually remember.

Also, even if you don't mind being spoiled, this probably won't make much sense if you haven't seen the episode. If you're in America, go watch it on, and if not, go find a torrent or something. It's worth it.


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Obviously, spoilers lie ahead, my younglings. )


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