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This actually isn't terribly fandom-related, and probably not that interesting, but if you want to know a little about my RL friends, here's your chance.

So one of my friends also really likes Buffy. I mean, she's the one who made me start watching it, and we generally watch it together in marathon sessions o' win.

And then I have three friends who are lurkily involved in fandoms (of the Firefly, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and HP sorts), but don't like Buffy. They think we're nerds.

But we all loved Dr. Horrible. And I loved the experience of being able to squee over fandom together, and to share the love that is Joss, and to do that talking-about-the-show thing with multiple people I like who aren't text boxes on the computer.

So when Dollhouse comes along, I'm really excited, not just because the show seems like it will be good and because it's Joss, but because I get to share it with my friends.

And we get together and watch the first ep together, like as a party sort of thing. We're all very excited.

...but one of them doesn't like it very much. And of course it's the Buffy-liking one, who I'm used to discussing shows with, and who is like my best friend evar. She watches the next two, still doesn't like them very much, has Tivo'd the other three and never watched them. And it doesn't really seem like she's going to.

The other three do like it, and we talk about it excitedly, but I don't see them as much as I see her.

It feels very strange, and I don't much like it.

But I do like being able to talk to them about it and get all squee-ful, and I do so love the internet for being there for my Dollhouse fannish needs. RL friends may be fun to get fannish with, but I love my online fandom bunches and scads and loads, too.

On a somewhat related note, I have a new-ish male friend


which is so weird, because, seriously, my list of male friends? Includes this guy, my brother, and my friend's brother, obviously not counting other male relatives. I don't have like a Nazi dyke vendetta against men or anything - although my friends sometimes think I do - but I don't really hang out with them. So it's a VERY strange experience to have a friend who's male, and who I, like, hang out with and enjoy talking to.

I may sound like a complete nut job, but it's seriously weird.

Anyways, I have a new-ish male friend, who's name is Tudor, and he has the whole tall nerdy white guy with blond hair thing goin' on, and the names are close, so I call him Topher. And now he answers to it, even though he doesn't watch Dollhouse and doesn't really know why I call him that.


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