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Well, hi.

Hmm. Awkward.

I guess this is more diary entry than LJ post here, cause I'm not really expecting anyone to read this. But that's okay. This is partly me solidifying my ideas in writing, and partly my answer to what could be my first post while I'm stalled in fic.

And there will be fic. Jossy fic. But right now I’m all busy (SoTHA judging, avoiding writing fic). And it would be awkward for me to just start posting fic, and I don't have anything to post right now anyways, so I figured I'd say something completely off-topic and random, and kinda personal to me. I don't know whether I'll have anything to say like this on this journal ever again; I get philosophical when the spirit rises within me or whatever. More like when I get a random idea.

So again: this is not really what this journal is about, is going to be about, will be about. At all. I'll mostly be posting fic that will be cross-posted to comms. But I kinda wanted to post this somewhere, cause it’s fun, for me. Maybe I'll even cross-post it a little, who knows. Although, really, to where? Hmm.

Anyways. This is sort of about religion-y things, which is a very touchy topic. So if this ever does get read, and you feel the need to post a comment or speak your piece or whatever, please be civil. I am not attacking anyone here, just sharing my thoughts. I also kind of make some gross generalizations here, so you can disagree with those.

So here we go )