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So I've made it over to Dreamwidth! Wanna hear how, in my inaugural DW post, which also serves as my test post for the LJ crosspost feature????

Well, then...'re in luck! )



  • May. 1st, 2009 at 8:34 AM
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I now have a Dreamwidth account, because I had signed up with OpenID earlier! I have to say, I was feeling negative about it earlier, but now I'm rather excited.

It's the same user name as here, so it's at (for some reason the link doesn't work.)

Once I figure out how, I'll be mirroring the posts that I make here. In fact, anyone want to explain how I do that? I might find out through the FAQ, but I'd appreciate any info I can get. :D

I'm definitely not deleting this account, though; I want to stay on LJ unless there's a mass exodus.

[ETA]: I set up my LJ account as the automatic crosspost, but how do I get all my old entries over there? Never mind!